A little bit of speculation here… I have had the same issue with my trailer. My North Country is a 2012. But I’ve never seen any documentation that they made my model past 2011. Mine was made in Feb of 2012 and from what I could tell and assume was that manufacturers sometimes take their leftover parts and frames and throw them together for one more year and stamp a new year one them. Even if they only make a small handful of them. Ie. They plan to make 1000 units in 2015 and only end up making 900, and make the remaining 100 units in 2016 even though they are technically a 2015 model. Hope this makes sense. They also occasionally swap out parts partway through the model year (probably as they get low on old styles and have new ones available). We have a 2106 375RE (built in mid 2015). We knew we wanted this exact model (within a 3 year span) when we were shopping, and became very familiar with the differences. In the 2016 models they have a rounded island in a dark color, and our rear wall has three windows that cover the entire wall. In the 2017 model they went to a square island in a light color, and two larger windows on the back wall (with lights on the walls where the windows were), along with some color changes in the bathroom and cabinet door changes (wood instead of glass inserts, etc). […]