Provided by Doug White Doug and Kim White got sick of eating out of take-out boxes and decided to add some glam back to pandemic dining. An Illinois couple that gets great joy out of eating out turned a van into a portable dining room. With heat, a table, and ambiance, the couple plans to use the van to support local restraints throughout the winter. “We were so tired of eating out of takeout boxes and we didn’t want to do it again,” Kim White told Insider. When Doug White lost his job in a past recession, he kept the roof over his family’s head by working as a bartender at a local restaurant, his wife, Kim, told Insider. When his daughter was going to nursing school, she worked as a server. Local restaurants are “the soul” of a community and supporting them, especially during tough economic times, has become a way of life for the Illinois couple, Kim White said. When COVID-19 first arrived last winter, they transitioned to ordering take-out, but even great to-go loses the experience in transit, so outdoor dining this summer was restorative, White said. But as winter approached, and patio seating closed, they didn’t want to go back into isolation “At the end of June, Doug was diagnosed with colon cancer. These little joys of going out and enjoying a meal, and feeling normal for a minute, was going to end,” she said. “We were so tired of eating out of takeout boxes […]