Frustrated members of the Capitol police, some of whom with a decade of experience, are expressing anger with congresspeople who can stoke the kind of flames that lead to the conflagration on January 6. Some even suspect members of Congress helped plan it . U.S. acting Attorney Michael Sherwin has said that 70 people have already been charged with the Capitol riots, and the FBI has opened 160 more (so far) . Two Capitol police have been suspended and another arrested for their conduct during the recent riots , and another 10-15 are under investigation . One of the suspended officers went viral for taking selfies with rioters. A West Virginia state legislator has resigned after participating in the Capitol riots. The delegate, Derrick Evans, is also facing federal charges . A mob of right-wing rioters stormed and briefly occupied the U.S. Capitol following a rally in which Donald Trump once more claimed to have been the victim of a rigged election . Six of those rioters were were Republican lawmakers, meaning six Republican lawmakers were part of an insurrection against the United States of America . Let that sink in for a moment. What’s worse, they don’t even see anything wrong with that. Earlier this week, Louie Gohmert, a Congressman from Texas, has suggested that “violence on the streets is last resort for Trump supporters who hope to get their man in office despite his loss in a, you know, legitimate election. Security experts have warned that the […]