The Sueiro family on their boat. Courtesy of William and Jessica Sueiro Jessica and Will Sueiro moved to Costa Rica in 2013 with their two children, kickstaring their nomadic life. The family eventually moved into an RV, traveled to every country in Europe, and then moved to Asia right before the coronavirus pandemic hit. They have since moved on to a sailboat in France — it’s the first time in years that they have an oven, a washing machine, and their own bedrooms. They have to wait for the lockdown in France to end before they leave the dock, but the Sueiro family hopes to travel across the Atlantic Ocean one day. The Sueiro family is not one to take the easy road. When they lived a comfortable life in Boston, they decided to move abroad. When they immersed themselves in South American culture, they moved into an RV and traveled throughout Europe. When they got bored with that, they ventured to Asia. Jessica and Will Sueiro, who run a travel company, have been trekking around the world since 2013 along with their teenagers, Avalon and Largo, in tow. The family of four has lived in South America, Europe, and Asia. Now, the family is embarking on an entirely new adventure. After the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to their travels, they decided to take a completely different route: They moved onto a sailboat full-time … with zero sailing experience. Keep reading to find out how the Sueiros decided […]