The Rotary Park Auto Tourist Camp, circa 1923. Two years later, the camp was moved Pooley Avenue, and is now the Mount Baker RV Park. Courtesy Jim Cameron. Travelling motorists have been using what is now known as the Mount Baker RV Park for rest and recuperation since 1925. That was when the City of Cranbrook bought a piece of sumptuous green space off the CPR at the end of Pooley (15th) Avenue, and opened the Cranbrook Municipal Auto Camp, moving it from its original location (started in 1923) near what’s now Rotary Park. That same year, 1925, Western Canada’s largest outdoor swimming pool was opened in what is now called Baker Park, right next to the Auto Camp. The pool is no longer extant, although the outline of its foundation can still be seen in the grass. The Auto Camp, however, remained a pleasant part of Cranbrook for the rest of the 20th century, and well into the 21st. READ MORE: The Cranbrook Municipal Auto Camp This park, one of the most unsung of Cranbrook’s green gems, was an immediate success when it opened to tourists in 1925, and remains so today. The most famous of its campers, Hollywood legend Joan Crawford, who stayed there in June, 1950, with her dog Poochie, described it as “truly an ideal spot.” But 96 years later, the Mount Baker RV is facing its future. A city report shows that the park’s infrastructure needs major repairs to the tune of an estimated […]