Photo: Getty Images. Welcome to Money Diaries Extras – a Money Diaries series that takes a deeper look at our diarists, our readers, and the world of money. Editor’s Note: Last year, this unemployed woman living on disability in Texas wrote this Money Diary , and readers loved her for her positive attitude, her ability to stretch a dollar, and her generosity in sharing her story. Ahead, we caught up with the diarist and got a few updates about her life since her first diary as well as a follow-up diary of her current pandemic life. First of all, how are you? How has the pandemic been for you? Isolating. That’s one word I would use to describe the pandemic. I have a bubble because I need one. Due to my autoimmune illnesses, it’s a bit more dangerous for me to be around too many people, however, I also require assistance for certain tasks. Birthdays, holidays, etc? I’ve missed them all for safety reasons so that can be quite disheartening. My bubble is made up of two neighbors and two friends who help me with everything from food deliveries to errands to taking my dog out. Last we heard from you, you were living on disability in a camper in Texas — is that still the case? How’s it going? Still here! Just celebrated my two-year anniversary two weeks ago. It’s been…..an adventure, to say the least, hahaha! I spent a few months without running water, a couple of […]