Graphic: Cosmic_Design (Shutterstock) There’s a reason they sell pre-printed greeting cards. When it comes to expressing real, heartfelt emotion, some of us aren’t so great with the putting things into words. Better to let the poets at Hallmark express our sentiments with more alacrity than we could ever manage. And the same goes for songs. There’s a pop song for every emotion, which means there is a potential playlist for every occasion. For some reason, I awoke today thinking about how hard it can be to say goodbye—even when you are happy to see the person who is leaving go. Humans are complex creatures, and lots of us find change unerringly difficult, even when we know said change is for the best. So when change comes in the form of bidding farewell to someone who has loomed large in our lives, we may find it hard to put our emotional reactions into words (especially without swearing). Songs, on the other hand…there is definitely a playlist for that.