Police Officer Amanda Topping (right) Photo: Screenshot/NBC News Officer Amanda Topping had just got off the phone with her wife on Christmas Day, telling her she would be home soon — but she had to respond to a call that was “a little strange.” That “strange” call would put her within feet of a suicide bomber that would set off an explosion in his RV in Nashville, Tennessee. There were injuries and severe damages to the downtown area, but no other casualties. Related: The sheriff fired her because she’s a lesbian so she ran against him. She’ll be the new sheriff now. The officers are being honored across the country and hailed as heroes, while Officer Topping’s actions may have directly saved lives. Early on Christmas morning, an RV parked on Second Avenue in the downtown portion of the Tennessee capital city. At 5:30, sounds of gunshots were reported, leading to the call that spurred officers to respond. Initially two officers arrived. Topping was one of the additional officers that responded to radio calls for assistance. “We were listening, it was an odd call,” Topping said at a press conference two days later, recounting the events . “My wife had just called because it was toward the end of our shift, so she was seeing what time I was coming home. Well, I told her we were about to head to this call, it’s a little strange.” Topping, answered the call as she was nearing the end of her […]