Courtesy of Bree Contreras Bree Contreras travels around the US in an RV. Bree Contreras was once a political analyst who quit their job to spend their days exploring the US in an RV with their partner and two dogs. Contreras documents their travels on their Instagram account, @doesthiscountasvanlife . In a recent interview with Insider, Contreras shared the hard parts of van life that aren’t often talked about on social media. Contreras shared how hard it is to get their RV serviced, the lack of Black and queer representation in the community, and how lonely life on the road can be. Before moving into an RV, Bree Contreras said their job as a political analyst felt all-consuming. “Very quickly, I started to feel like I just wasn’t in my own life anymore,” Contreras told Insider. “I just wanted to be out hiking with my dogs and not paying rent.” Contreras, who was living in Houston, Texas, at the time said they hated feeling like they were working hard just to afford a place to live without time to do anything else. So they bought an RV for $2,000 in the summer of 2018 and quit their job in October with about $5,000 in savings. By November, Contreras was working on the RV full-time in San Antonio, Texas, and they were on the road with their partner and two dogs by the time the coronavirus pandemic hit. Contreras, who is now working full-time as a freelance writer and photographer, […]