The Harrigan family lives in an RV full-time. Floshea Harrigan Floshea Harrigan lives in a 400-square-foot RV with her husband and four children full-time. Harrigan told Insider that her family rarely runs into other Black families or families of color in their travels. She thinks that fewer Black people live tiny because of a lack of exposure to the lifestyle and the wealth gap. Harrigan said her family’s experience living tiny has been overwhelmingly positive. Nomadic living has become hugely popular in the US in recent years, with around one million people living in RVs in America, according to the RV Industry Association . The new crop of RV owners is different than the traditional mobile-home dwellers, as travel is often the primary motivating factor for purchasing a tiny home, rather than financial necessity. And according to one tiny dweller, the majority of people who live in RVs full-time have one other big thing in common: their race. Floshea Harrigan and her husband have ‘fallen in love’ with living in their 400-square-foot RV Floshea Harrigan and her family have been living in their 400-square-foot RV full-time since 2017. They park their home on campgrounds throughout the US, taking up semi-permanent residences across the country. Harrigan homeschools her children, and they explore the outdoors together almost every day. “My husband and I have fallen in love with the simple lifestyle,” Harrigan told Insider, and their kids love RV life too. The Harrigans are more than content with their lifestyle, but […]