Courtesy of Katherine Umbarger Kyler’s work fixing pipelines takes him all over the country. RV living allows the family to go with him. Katherine and Kyler have lived in an RV camper with their five children since May 2019. Katherine told Insider this has helped the family spend more time together and explore new places affordably. This has also helped them get rid of some of their debt, Katherine said. The RV camper has a full kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fireplace that doubles as a heater. Katherine and Kyler, both 27, have been on the road with their five kids for over a year now. They live full-time in a nearly 42-foot-long RV as they travel around the country. Their 429-square-foot RV has two bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, a fireplace, a grill, a master bedroom, and a room shared by the four young girls. While families choose full-time RV living for all kinds of reasons, Katherine told Insider that their primary reason for downsizing was so that the family could spend more time together. Kyler travels for work, fixing old pipelines, while Katherine is an online marketing executive. “We did this so the kids could see their dad every night,” Katherine told Insider. Here’s what their lives on the road are like. Katherine told Insider that the main reason her family decided to move into an RV was so they could all travel with her husband for work. Her husband, Kyler, works to fix pipelines. When […]