The couple moved onto their bus in October. Adelita Christine Saldana and Kathy Mariscal live in a 298-square-foot bus they purchased in June. With the help of contractors, the couple renovated the bus into a mid-century modern tiny home on wheels. While many people live in buses, vans, and RVs for the freedom to travel, the couple told Insider their main motivation was saving money. “We made every single penny, nickel, and dime count for this bus,” Mariscal told Insider. “It almost seems surreal sometimes. We did this.” Christine Saldana, 28, and Kathy Mariscal, 34, weren’t inspired to live on a bus because of travel. They also weren’t eager to live a minimalist lifestyle. Instead, the couple was motivated by money. For Saldana and Mariscal, a bus meant cheaper living costs. And cheaper living costs meant more savings for their future. “We could save up a lot of money, get married, and use the money to start a family,” Mariscal told Insider. “Living on a bus was the best option.” In June, the couple purchased a 1988 Crown Coach school bus. After spending the summer renovating, the couple and their dog, Lolita, moved into their skoolie , nicknamed Adelita , in October. The couple wanted to save money for their wedding and future family, so they decided to move into a bus In February, the couple got engaged and decided to move in together in Los Angeles, California. But with a wedding on the horizon, they quickly realized just […]