Buying an RV is a serious investment and not a decision to be made on a whim. But you have done all the research and finally committed. And there outside your window sits a wonderful beast, ready to whisk you off for adventures aplenty. But, you may ask, what do you need to prepare and plan to ensure your travels are free of stress and full of fun? The Basics First things first, you must make sure your RV is up to date with any legal requirements. You don’t want your journey disrupted with any potential penalties to deal with. If you have recently purchased your RV, check with your insurance company that it is insured correctly, including any breakdown cover in case of emergencies. For extra peace of mind, consider adding some extras to your policy to have options if you are stuck somewhere remote. Make sure you spend some time before you embark on your journey checking all RV’s safety features . Brakes, tires, seat belts, lights, oil, wipers, etc., should all be double-checked for any faults and dealt with by a qualified mechanic. To ensure you have enough power in your RV for everyday tasks like cooking, lights, and entertainment, you need to choose a generator that suits your needs and a particular RV model. Generators are really important to ensure you have enough power for your journey. Many newer and larger RVs models have built-in generators, which are really handy, but for smaller versions, you […]