90 Days Fiance faces Russ and Paola have moved from massive house to wheels. The couple has been planning for weeks to make the move. Now comes the time when they will finally shift. Will the couple with their only son fit in the RV? Russ and Paola shared their experience recently. Know all the good and not-so-good sides of RV. Russ And Paola Opt For A Mobile Life By mobile life, we mean living in an RV. 90 Days Fiance stars Paola and Russ Mayfield have walked away from the Miami house to live in an RV. The couple reveals their home-on-wheels on Instagram. Paola says, “Trying to take/find the perfect picture to tell you guys that our RV (fifth-wheel) is finally here!” The couple also brought up the video tour of the house on their youtube channel. Purchasing RV was a good decision for the couple. It is budget-friendly, a traveler, and also it made their dream come true. The couple wanted to purchase an RV for too long. And the day when they have it is finally here. Paola, Ross, and their son Alex Mayfield will surely take a few days to get adjusted to the new lifestyle. However, it will be fun because they know that their decision is right. The fascinating part is that the RV has five wheels, with some really ample space. Paola gave the fans an entire tour of their new home. The RV has a king-sized bedroom, theatre seating, outside […]