Photo: Claire Lower “Dry January” —like its sister month, “Sober October”—is marked by a sudden influx of annoying PR emails. Seltzer, soda, tea, and juice brands fill my inbox with all sorts of beverage “recipes” aimed at people who are trying not to drink. Most of them are elaborate, but knowing how to make a fancy mocktail packed with specific ingredients is not the key to sobriety, even for a month. There are a lot of reasons to take a month off from drinking, and all of them are valid. But different people have different needs they need met while abstaining. Some are able to sip seltzer and forget about booze entirely, while others may find they need to recreate the ritual of having a drink, or at least craft themselves a special-feeling beverage to take the place of a cocktail. I have some strategies for the latter group, none of which involve bitters and soda (or hinge on single recipe with very specific ingredients).