What’s an Off-Road Camping Trailer? We’ve all heard of camper trailers, but what exactly is an off-road camper ? Well wouldn’t you know it, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Off-road camper trailers are campers made specifically for off-roading. Off-road camping trailers are more rugged and durable, with features such as raised suspensions and off-road tires, making it possible to drive over rough terrain without damaging the trailer. Most off-road trailers are also on the small side, making them more portable and easier to squeeze into tight spaces. And why would somebody want such a trailer? For more adventurous camping , of course. Those who enjoy boondocking in remote places will love off-road camper trailers, as they allow the user to do rock crawling, water fording, and muddying, giving them access to pretty much any campsite in the country. Top 9 Off-Road Camping Trailers of 2021 If you think an off-road RV is a good fit for your camping style, the next step is to find the perfect off-road camper for you. Lucky for you, we’ve already done a lot of the legwork and have compiled a list of our top 9 favorite off-road travel trailer campers of 2021. Photo Source: Taxa Outdoors Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland A super tough little trailer, the Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland is equipped with a reinforced frame, surprisingly high ground clearance, and even axle-less suspension. It’s lightweight and small, but thanks to its pop-up and tent-side roof, it still manages to fit in […]