8 Tips For Working Remotely While RVing

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Nicole Eversgerd Remote work: It’s not for everyone, as many people can attest to after putting their pre-2020 routines to the test this year. I spent the beginning of this year acclimating to the new situation. Some days, I’d get really wild and move from the office to the couch to work. Over time, I noticed that walking from the kitchen to the bathroom a handful of times each day wasn’t exactly keeping me fit, yet somehow I was exhausted at the end of every day. I also realized that my poor social skills, filled with dad jokes and ill-timed observations, were declining rapidly (which was already a pretty low bar). Panic was starting to set in that this quarantine life was really not serving me well.

I had bought my RV in November last year and was already preparing to downsize from my 1,800 square feet of comfortability into my blissful 300 square feet of freedom. Along with this lifestyle change, I had to adapt to working remotely in a whole new way, which turned out to be a welcome and much-needed change of pace. I quickly realized a few things that helped me stay on top of the hundreds of emails each day, over a dozen daily meetings, and 25 employees who needed direction each week. Drinking every day got removed from the list, but there’s zero judgment if you want to personalize your own experience. Here are my top tips for working remotely on the road. 1. […]