Photo: Mikhail Rulkov (Shutterstock) I wish I had a way of quantifying the sheer volume of LEGO bricks that have taken up residence in my home the past several years. After each and every birthday or holiday, I think to myself that we can’t possibly absorb the weight of one more set. The sets cover my son’s dresser, bookshelf, and LEGO table; they live in bins and are stashed away in our TV cabinet and end table; they’re displayed on shelves in the basement and fill plastic containers placed sporadically around his bedroom; they loom recklessly in a teetering mountain on top of his toy chest. I am truly baffled about where we’re going to put the massive new Razor Crest he put together on Christmas Day, or the “ Rathtar Escape ” scene he’s building as I write this. (So far, rather than come up with actual solutions, I’ve been mostly sighing a lot whenever I come within sight of my dining room table.) I know I’m not alone: Your kids probably already had too many toys and now a fresh shipment of stuff has entered your home, and you’re looking around wondering where on Earth to put it all. We’ve got several ideas to help get you organized—starting with what is probably a counterintuitive idea.