7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before an RV Camping Trip RV camping trips are a memorable pastime for people of all ages. But to make sure the memories are good ones, there are some things you need to do to prepare. Because we all know that an RV vacation can quickly become a camping nightmare. To make sure you have the best RV trip possible, keep reading for questions to ask yourself before hitting the road. Preparing for Your RV Camping Trip is Essential When you are RVing, a lot can go wrong without proper preparation. You may find yourself stuck with nowhere to stay. Or maybe you’re screaming at your partner as your rig all but stops while crawling up a steep mountain pass. Worse still, you could find yourself dealing with a break-in after returning from a fun day of adventuring. While these are some of the worst-case scenarios, they, unfortunately, can happen. The good news is, you can avoid them by asking yourself some simple questions. Do I Need a Reservation? If you are staying at an RV park, having a reservation is in your best interest. While not all RV parks require reservations, booking in advance ensures you have a place to stay. Often you can book online or else with a quick phone call. Reserving a site is also a good idea because it ensures your rig will fit and you’ll have the hookups you were expecting. If you are boondocking , you won’t […]