One big advantage of owning your camper is being able to style it your way. Creating the specific look and feel for your home-on-wheels is a breeze with these inexpensive touches. Even the least crafty among us will find some painless options for making their rig feel more like the home they imagined. And the best part? Most of these options were designed with renters in mind, so they’re not only easy to install, they’re easy to remove. Make Your Camper Feel Like Home Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles Appliance Covers Removable Wallpaper & Wall Art Laminate & Vinyl Flooring Peel & Stick Countertops Lighting Accent Pieces Photo Credit: Camping World Think of the space you have and how you can make it more of your own. You want your RV to reflect you and not be bare basic or only what the manufacturer built it to be. Craft your own space and you’ll live happier on the road.