When the popular Livin’ Lite RV trailers ceased production a couple of years back, lots of people were shocked. The innovated composite and aluminum trailers had a lot going for them – and lots of fans, too. But the manufacturer’s parent company, Thor Industries, abruptly pulled the plug on them in 2018. Decisions like this leave a lot of RVers scratching their heads. Many of these discontinued RVs have gone out of business before they’ve gone out of style. In fact, it seems like they were literally yanked off the showroom floor. Many of them are missed. Today we’ll look at seven RVs that have been discontinued – and would probably be welcomed back with open arms. Why Do RVs Get Discontinued? Why does this happen? There are a few different reasons that RVs get discontinued. Companies are often tight-lipped about their reasons behind such decisions, but in most cases you can rest assured that it’s probably a financial matter. Maybe the company itself has run into money problems, or maybe a particular model is just too costly to build. It could be that the quality control has been a costly issue. Another possibility is that while a particular type of RV is trendy at the present time, the company sees a changing market up ahead. Maybe they feel like they’ve exhausted their sales already and want to go in a different direction. 7 Discontinued RVs and Manufacturers That Need To Come Back…Like, Today Whatever the case, there are […]