best Youtube channels 7 Best YouTube Channels For New RV Owners New RV owners have a lot to learn. This learning process is made much easier by utilizing the vast resources available on YouTube. There is no shortage of RV channels on YouTube to help educate RVers . Here are our picks for the best YouTube channels for new RV owners. 1. You, Me, & the RV This fast growing channel features Phil & Stacy Farley. Well liked and well respected veterans of the armed services, new RV owners will appreciate their frankness and honesty when reporting on their experiences. Their videos are lively with a touch of dry humor, and loaded with great information. 2. RV LOVE Marc and Julie Bennett are known almost as much for their book, Living the RV LIFE , as they are their videos. New RV owners will find that after reading the book, you’ll have a hunger to see these authors in action. If you are looking for someone dedicated to RVing, Marc and Julie just bought a second RV! 3. Changing Lanes New RV owners that also have the motorcycle bug will enjoy Chad and Tara’s adventures as they document their travels all over North America. They’ll also share their DIY projects, RV tips and tricks, and their motorcycle rides on their 2018 Indian Roadmaster. 4. RVBlogger Mike and Susan of RVBlogger have amassed a formidable collection of videos that are prime viewing for the new RV owner. Campsite setup, RV […]