While many potential issues can arise with a recreational vehicle, many can be quickly righted by the owner. Here are some RV quick fixes that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to perform. Solve these problems without fuss or much expense before heading out on the road. Photo: Camping World RV Door Keypad The electronic keypad that replaces door keys is a great feature. Higher-end products also allow power locking of the door from inside the vehicle. But as time goes by, you might find it becomes operationally intermittent or it may cease working. While this can be an issue with the keypad itself, the most common problem is oxidized door contacts. These can be found in the door jam. They are spring-load0.ed metal contacts that complete an electric circuit when they touch. Over time these bullet-like contacts oxidize, causing them to fail. Using a piece of emery paper, sand the ends to remove this film. If that was the issue, you are done in five minutes. Getty Images Auto-Gen Starting Too Often If you find your auto generator start seems to activate any time a heavy load is drawn from the house bank, even though your batteries are in a well-charged state, check this. In the auto-start configuration, check the low voltage start level. It should be set at 11.7 or 11.8 volts. If this is set much higher, the auto-start will activate too often and too early. Getty Images Outside AC Plugs Not Working What […]