Photo: fizkes (Shutterstock) Like many of you, I sat glued to all forms of media yesterday. I found that I couldn’t get away—even when I’d try to wander off and do something else online, the underlying anxiety created by the once-in-a-lifetime storming of the U.S. Capitol kept bringing me back to the news. I spent more time on Twitter in one night than I have in the past three months. However, today feels a little different (I didn’t say better , as nothing has really happened yet in response to yesterday’s catastrophic breakdown of societal norms). We’re entering the “doomscrolling and snark” portion of our collective response, which is fine if it helps you cope; but if you’re like me, though, you get frustrated or anxious when we continue to spin our gears. To counteract this, consider scheduling a digital break. And you have plenty of options, each with varying degrees of severity. Move your devices somewhere else This sounds simple, because it is. Take the phone, tablet, smartwatch, or other notification-delivering device off your desk for the day (or week) and place it somewhere else. If it needs to take a temporary vacation from your home office to your bedroom, great. If you find yourself getting worked up in the late-night hours with what you’re seeing online, maybe move it out of your room and into the kitchen (and switch to a different alarm setup temporarily). Whatever your decision, removing one of the main sources of “ding, ding, […]