Winter is coming! But, don’t let it scare you away from an awesome camping trip. Heating your RV camper is easier than you may think. And fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to make your home on wheels feel toasty. Today we’re sharing the 5 most effective ways to heat your RV this winter. Let’s dive in! Winter RVing Can Be Enjoyable With The Right Preparation With the right preparation and heating equipment, winter RVing can really be enjoyable. No, you won’t just be freezing the whole time. Your RV can be as comfy and cozy as a house, even in the coldest of weather. 5 Ways to Heat Your RV This Winter RV Propane Furnace Your RV or camper should be equipped with a propane furnace. This can be a ducted unit with vents in each area of the trailer, or it may be a simple wall unit with one output. You light the furnace pilot, and there is usually a thermostat that controls it turning on and off. RV Propane Furnace Pro: you can use the furnace anywhere you camp, even without electricity. Propane Furnace Cons: you can go through quite a bit of propane when it’s cold out. Also, it can be difficult to get the pilot lit when it’s windy… Make sure you have a wind block handy! Even if it’s just your travel partner or camp neighbor. Propane Space Heaters Propane space heaters work like any other space heater, except they are […]