5 Ways Smartphones Can Improve Your RV Trips Most people own a smartphone. In fact, in 2020 there were over 275 million smartphones in the USA, so it’s safe to assume that most RVers, like everyone else, own one or more of these essential tools. But are RVers fully exploiting them to make their camping experience better? There are several ways to use your smartphone to help you manage the challenges of RVing. Besides being a phone, a camera, a calculator, and a conduit for various forms of entertainment, a smartphone can help you plan and navigate your travels, store important data, maintain vital checklists, aid in researching suitable campgrounds, and act as a two-way communication tool when evaluating a new campground and during the parking process. 1. Get RV-safe GPS directions We rely on the RV LIFE App for both campground reviews and for trip planning , because the RV-safe navigation keeps us from driving our big rig into a problem area. The app makes it quick and easy to find campgrounds in the area we’re traveling and get turn-by-turn directions based on our RV’s specific dimensions. A narrow road in a big rig is to be avoided. Fortunately RV LIFE apps tell you ahead of time that the road is too narrow. Photo by P Dent 2. Store important data You can also use your smartphone to store all the phone numbers and membership numbers for your camping memberships. You may want to keep a list of […]