Today, there are more RV’s on the road than ever before. Better access to the internet has made it easier to travel, especially for remote workers. Because of the influx of new travelers, the diversity of RV’s on the road is much broader. The range can vary from vintage RVs to brand new rigs, and everything in between. Because of this diversity, some RV campgrounds have enforced a 10-year rule making it harder for certain RV’s to visit their parks. While this rule is well intentioned, it can cause a lot of headaches on the road… so here are 5 ways around it! What is the RV 10-Year Rule? If a campground has a 10-year rule, it means that if your RV model is older than 10 years, you cannot stay at that campground. It sounds harsh but the campgrounds have their reasons. Some campgrounds have a certain reputation of being clean and well-maintained so they can charge a premium. Because of this, they want to keep up with appearances by not allowing a dilapidated RV in their park. Some older and un-maintained RVs will break down and not be able to leave the park. Alternatively, some older and un-maintained RVs will leak or just be an eyesore in general. While this might seem like an unfair, weird rule – think of it like an HOA. A homeowners association has rules for how your home and yard should look. These campgrounds are similar. However, there are ways around the […]