Indulge your wanderlust and create a portable comfort zone with new accessories for your RV or camper. Stow to go Where there’s a wall there’s a way. A foldaway desk provides a convenient surface for working or dining, as well as shelves and storage for papers, linens, utensils and more. Office Depot, officedepot.com . Southern Enterprises foldout convertible wall-mount desk/table, $179.99. Streamlined life + style If life on the open road sounds pretty good right about now, hop aboard the Airstream dream of Seattle couple Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw. Their book on living big in a small space that’s going places is one part practical how-to guide and one part cool design inspiration. Octavia Books, 513 Octavia St., New Orleans, (504) 899-7323, octaviabooks.com . “Tin Can Homestead: The Art of Airstream Living by Natasha Lawyer,” $25. (To order, call or visit the website.) Sound good? Though you may have to leave your home’s surround sound behind, you can still fill your space with your favorite music as you go. This small-but-mighty Bluetooth speaker comes with a hook so you can adjust the angle to give your hangout optimal audio quality. Massey’s Outfitters, 509 N. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, (504) 648-0292, masseysoutfitters.com . Eno Echo Bluetooth speaker, $33.95. Even out the kitchen sink When counter space is in short supply, the solution for creating extra work space might be right under your nose. This cutting board/sink cover has a nontoxic gloss finish for extra moisture protection and is stabilized […]