RV shopping 5 Important Things To Consider While RV Shopping There are 5 key considerations when RV shopping that should drive your decision and you’ll be surprised to learn that price is not even on the list. Unfortunately, most RV shoppers consider the price of the RV as the very first and most important factor in their decision-making process, and that clouds their judgment. Choosing the right RV is a huge decision and if you choose wisely, you will enjoy your RV for years to come, but if your choice is based on price alone you may find that you never really feel comfortable in your RV and you may not want to even travel or camp in your new rig. Don’t only consider the price of RVs As a case in point, we have friends who were suffering from RV fever, as a result of having seen the RV that we had just purchased. In the interest of full disclosure, we had spent over a year shopping for our rig before making the final decision. We went to every RV show within driving distance, spent countless hours on RV lots talking to salespeople, visited campgrounds to talk with RV owners, and read anything and everything we could find on this subject. We followed the guidelines below and it worked perfectly for us. We loved the Class A motorhome we picked out. We owned our RV for nearly 20 years and drove it over 120,000 miles, but our friends […]