5 Costly RV Appliances To Avoid (And What To Use Instead). Photo: iRV2 Forums 5 Costly RV Appliances To Avoid (And What To Use Instead) When it comes to RV appliances, everyone is different. Only you know how much space you have, what you like or dislike, and what you can or can’t live without. I believe there are some appliances that you can get along without and better ways to spend your money. Consider these appliances as RV luxuries. 1. Outdoor griddle Outdoor griddles, at their most basic, can run anywhere from $90 to several hundreds of dollars. The cooking surface on these can be anywhere from 17 to 36 inches. There is a lot to like about these pricey grills, but I’ve asked myself a number of times if it is worth the storage space it uses and, of course, the money. So far, I have avoided this rather large purchase. Alternative: Electric Skillet An electric skillet saves on propane, is easier to store, and only costs around $50 online. You can cook anything with an electric skillet, indoors or out. I use mine at just about every meal and it would be the last thing I would give up. I’ve even perfected cooking multiple items, for example, setting my hash browns to the side of the pan to keep warm while I cook sausage or eggs for breakfast. I have a smaller version for two of us but larger versions are available. 2. Slow cooker While […]