Portable solar generators are probably one of the handiest devices for RV & tent campers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time RVer, part-time camper, or a homebody… These things pack a powerful punch! If you’re in the market for a small, yet powerful, quiet backup power source, look no further. We’ve got the 5 best portable solar generators for you here: How Do Portable Solar Generators Work? First, portable solar generators are not generators – at least not in the sense that we usually think of. Portable solar generators are actually high-capacity batteries, usually lithium. Solar generators are quiet – they don’t have an engine or run off of fuel combustion. These portable generators generate electricity from the sun using solar panels and store it in the battery until use They can be charged with solar panels that plug directly into the device. Some can even be charged by your car when it’s running, or by plugging into a regular power outlet. Different Sized Portable Solar Generators for Differing Power Needs So, how do you know what size you need? As you may have noticed, these generators come in many different sizes (and price points). Solar generators are typically best used as a backup power source to run or charge things like your lights and electronic equipment. They are generally not able to power high-power consumption electrical equipment. To determine the proper size solar power bank for you, you need to consider your power needs and what you […]