The name Coleman has been a big part of camping for a long time, and because its products are built to last, it probably will continue to be for quite a while. It was the classic lanterns, stoves, coolers and tents that earned the company its reputation for dependability. Coleman campers are known for their quality, too, and they are definite favorites in certain segments of the RV community. In this article, we’ll take a look at what we think are the 5 best trailers that Coleman offers. About Coleman The story goes that W.C. Coleman saw a gasoline lantern in a drugstore window back in 1909 and he was so impressed with it that it inspired him to give up his job as a typewriter salesman. The new-fangled lantern seemed like a big improvement over the kerosene kind, and Coleman thought he could produce his own version of it and sell it to the masses. So he did. Over the years the company that bears his name branched out to make other products. From thermoses to sleeping bags and folding chairs, they have become campground staples throughout the years. It’s not unusual to see Coleman products still in use today that left the factory decades ago. His son, Sheldon, created the first Coleman camper in 1966, and by 1979 the company’s pop-ups and travel trailers were some of the top-selling RVs on the market. Fleetwood RV took over Coleman’s RV division in 1989 and ran it for nearly […]