When you’re going camping, you can’t forget to pack the electricity. Even if your taste runs toward the rustic, a 30 amp generator is an essential part of the RV experience. Camping isn’t much fun if you can’t make a good cup of coffee, not to mention running the AC or heater when you need it most. When you’re without shore power, a portable 30 amp generator can literally be a life saver. Quartzsite BLM Boondocking What Size Generator Do I Need for an RV Trailer? This can get complicated real fast, so let’s try and keep it simple. To arrive at the exact number of watts you’ll need, you should multiply the number of amps you’ll be using by the number of volts, which is 120. Of course, you’re not going to be using all of your electronic appliances and devices at once (or at least you shouldn’t!) so the number might be lower than you think. Fortunately, this mathematical mountain has already been climbed many times, so it’s reasonable to believe that for most people a 3,000 watt generator is a sufficient starting point. And speaking of which, you’ll quickly run into the terms “starting watts” and “running watts.” The larger number reflects the surge of power that’s needed only briefly to get an electric motor running; it takes less juice afterward to keep it running. For example, an RV AC soft start can help tame that initial burst of energy demand. 5 Best 30 Amp Generators […]