Hi gang! This full-body workout is such a fun one! If you’re one of my regulars I’m betting you’ll especially enjoy its unique spin, different from my typical bodyweight workouts. The only exercise equipment you’ll need? A wall! Or if you’re like me, you can use your RV at the campground, too. This is a follow-along style, 30 minute workout, and it’s all standing, too! You can adjust the intensity, depending on things like how far you stand away from the wall, how deeply you go into the exercises, etc. making this a workout for all levels of exercisers. So, yes, seniors (you teachers’ pets you ❤) and exercise beginners, this one is totally appropriate for you, too! Camping World sponsored this workout, so a big thanks to them for that. I very much appreciate their support of a healthy and fit RV lifestyle for us all, and also appreciate how handy their locations all over the US are, especially when we need RV supplies on the road! Check them out HERE: https://cmpngwrld.com/32Fjn8G And even better, we have a discount code you can use HERE: FITRV I’m happy to chat with you or answer questions about this workout over on the Fit RV website, so please come comment on the workout over there: https://www.thefitrv.com/workouts/the… I’ll try to see your comments here on YouTube too, but apologies ahead, I tend to miss many of the ones left here! Stay strong and be well, fit RVing friends! Love, Trainer Stef ————– […]