Nashville police officers James Wells and Amanda Topping sped to Second Avenue downtown early Christmas morning, responding to a call for back up for a possible bomb . They parked their police cars next to an RV. Then they heard a recorded female voice giving a warning from the vehicle. “Your primary objective is to evacuate. Evacuate now.” They raced to move their cars. Topping used her vehicle to block Second Street. Wells parked his further away from the RV then returned to help other officers evacuate residents. The message began a countdown to detonation: 15 minutes to clear the area. The message echoed from Broadway up to Union Avenue. “That’s when my mindset changed,” Wells said Sunday as officers spoke publicly about the moments before and after the bomb went off. He saw a surveillance camera above the rear view mirror inside the RV. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. 15 minutes to clear area Officers James Luellen, Brenna Hosey and Michael Sipos were already rushing door-to-door, alerting residents to leave the area. They had arrived earlier, responding to initial reports of gunfire on the street. The most veteran among the five officers on Second Street before the blast was Hosey, who has been with the department for four years. They called dispatch to get access codes to open locked main doors to some of the buildings. Once inside, they went door to door, floor by floor evacuating residents. Seven families were assisted out […]