winter camping 10 Winter Camping Items You Shouldn’t Travel Without 10 Winter Camping Items You Shouldn’t Travel Without Winter camping is a joy in one main way: not many people also want to do it. This leaves boondocking spots, cool weather campgrounds, and empty resorts open for the taking. While camping in the cold and snow can be a real adventure, you do need to have a rig set up for four-season camping and some sort of heat source. You will also want to supply your camper or trailer and your tow vehicle or toad with an assortment of other items that will keep you safe and secure in more inclement weather. These 10 winter camping items will not only keep you warmer or get you out of a slippery situation, but can also help your fellow RV travelers on the road get out of a wintery jam. 1. Heat tape Owners of more simple teardrops or some vans may not have plumbing and don’t have to worry about frozen and busted pipes. However, for the larger rigs with plumbing systems, frozen pipes are one of the top concerns during winter camping. Many campgrounds will shut off their water hookups during the colder months, so an RVer may need to depend solely on their own freshwater and waste tanks. Bringing along heat tape to wrap around water and sewer hoses and pipes will keep them from freezing. Bring along some foam pipe insulation for double duty warmth. 2. 12-volt […]