RV travel is incredibly popular in the rock climbing crowd. This makes sense. RVing allows you to stay far from civilization and near all the amazing rock climbing opportunities our country has to offer, while still returning to a comfortable bed and other home-like amenities after a hard day’s climb. Some of the best places to park an RV and go out climbing are our nation’s national parks. These parks offer wide open spaces, amazing views, and totally real and natural climbing experiences. Wondering which national parks are best for RV rock climbing trips? We’ve listed our favorites below. California RV Rock Climbing Trips California is an absolutely beautiful state with some of the best rock climbing destinations out there. Whether you choose the warm SoCal area or the cooler (and tree-filled) north, you’re sure to enjoy your California RV rock climbing adventure. Yosemite National Park One of the most popular national parks in the country, climbers like this park just as much as the next guy, but perhaps for different reasons. Along with picturesque landscapes and incredible wildlife, this park is also home to some amazing climbs such as crack climbs, multi-day climbs, and the challenging and famous El Capitan climb. Check out Yosemite-area rental RVs here. Joshua Tree National Park This southern California park offers an absolutely beautiful desert environment, some super cool plants and animals, and more than 4,500 established rock climbing routes. With so many different routes to choose from, you’re sure to find one […]