With Thanksgiving over and Christmas just around the corner, in todays video I want to share with you 10 items I think would be useful to most nomads and will make our lives a little better. But, before you run out and buy a bunch of new stuff, be absolutely certain you have plenty of money in an emergency fund. That is much more important than making your lives a little better with these 10 things. Most financial experts recommend having at least 3 months of expenses in the bank, which for most of us that is about $3000–that is exactly what I recommend as a minimum emergency fund. Until you have that much in an emergency fund, don’t buy yourself an extra, comfort items. LINKS TO ITEMS: Solar Powered Lamp Portable Led Bulb Lights Solar Energy Panel Led Lighting for Camp Tent Night Fishing Emergency Lights Flash 130LM https://amzn.to/3mhZEUB https://amzn.to/3pTV5C1 UV-Blocker Sun Golf Umbrella Large 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Umbrella Windproof Waterproof for Men and Women https://amzn.to/37bb5a0 Baffin Base Camp Slipper https://amzn.to/39g837g GOOLOO GP2000 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter for Up to 10L Gas or 7L Diesel Engine 12V Auto Battery Booster with USB Quick Charge and Type C Port, Portable Power Pack for Trucks, SUVs https://amzn.to/3lb9vdu GOOLOO GP37 Plus 1200A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter for Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine, 12V Power Pack Auto Battery Booster Portable Power Bank with USB Quick Charge […]