Experts believe that more than 1.5 billion masks have entered the oceans during the COVID-19 pandemic, significantly contributing to the amount of waste already flowing into our waters . The tremendous amount of waste to enter the oceans is the just one of the major consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite record numbers of COVID cases and deaths, some 30% of Californians are violating stay-at-home orders . Meanwhile, as the state prepares to extend the stay-at-home orders, groups of maskless protestors are gathering to sing Christmas carols in protest. Perhaps that is why a whopping 6 people are dying per hour in Los Angeles County. A poll revealed that 69% of Americans support Biden’s proposed federal mask mandate as COVID numbers skyrocket around the nation . California continues to break COVID records, and as a result hospitals in the state are being “crushed” by an influx of patients. ICU beds are rapidly disappearing , especially in the southern half of the state. Donald Trump has tweeted 729 times since the election, and none of those tweets were about COVID’s death toll . If that doesn’t show you he isn’t taking COVID seriously, try this on for size. Pfizer said that it has millions of vaccines ready to ship out, but the federal government hasn’t directed those shipments . Jenna Ellis, one of the lawyers on Trump’s legal team, has COVID . If you’re hearing Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” ringing in your ears… Rudy Giuliani, the center of […]