Clean Living RV Park Rates:

*Monthly Rate: Most sites are $395 with a few smaller sites for less and a couple over-sized spaces for more.  $100 deposit is required for monthly guests.

*Weekly Rate: $175.00 per week (If you convert to monthly stay after a week or two we will refund a portion of what you paid on weekly rate.)  Background checks are free.  A one-time $25 deposit is required for weekly guests.

*Daily Rate:  $50 / day with a 2-day minimum charge.  $100 if you stay 1 or 2 days and $50 per day for each day additional day after 2nd day. 

*Only applies to Monthly Residents:  RV Site Rates are based on 2 people for monthly guest.  Rates for additional family members are $20.00/month per person 12 years old and older.   There is a limit of 4 people per site.

*Only applies to Monthly Residents:  Electric Bill:  1st $70.00 is included.  Example:  You use $70 or less in a month you pay $0.     If you use $80 in a month you pay $10…

A Gated Weekly / Monthly Stay RV Park for those that appreciate a clean and safe place to live.