Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  What is Clean Living RV Park’s application process?

ANSWER:   Our application process can is detailed here.


QUESTION:   What does “Clean Living” mean in the name Clean Living RV Park?

ANSWER:   Clean Living refers to cleanliness that is important to us in regards to our RV Park grounds, clubhouse, laundromat and amenities.


QUESTION:   Where is Clean Living RV Park located and what is near by?

ANSWER:   14551 FM 730 North / Azle, TX.  Google Map & Directions here.      Eagle Mountain Lake is 7 minutes away.  Family Dollar is right next door.  Gas station and restaurant across the street.  Dollar General is 5 minute walk or 1 minute drive away.   Super Walmart in Azle, banks, post office, restaurants and much more are 5 miles away.  Downtown Fort Worth is 30 minutes away.   Alliance Airport is 30 minutes away.


QUESTION:  Do you have 30 AMP and 50 AMP hookups?

ANSWER:  All of our spaces will accept both 30 AMP and 50 AMP hookups.


QUESTION:   What are your rates?

ANSWER:  Refer to:



QUESTION:  Do you allow dogs, cats and other pets?

ANSWER:   Dogs:   A maximum of 2 dogs or indoor cats are welcomed.  This means you can have 2 dogs or 2 cats or 1 of each.  Due to our insurance requirements the following dogs are NOT allowed:  Pit bull, Rottweiler, Husky, German Shepherd and Chows and/ or any dog that is aggressive towards people or other dogs. All service dogs for those with disabilities are welcomed.  Pet noise cannot disturb other park guests.   You must pick up poop immediately after your pet every time your pet poops.   Cats:   They must stay indoors and/or on a leash.  No cats are allowed to roam the property. Other animals:   Other animals are only permitted by making a written request to management.   Management may or may not approve requests for other animals.


QUESTION:  Why do you run free background checks?

ANSWER:   We do NOT pull credit.  We only run free background check on all adult applicants.  We in no way guarantee our guests safety or that we are able to keep bad characters from slipping through, but we are doing our best to only allow good characters into our community.  We strive to maintain policies and procedures to help keep our guests safe with a relaxed drama-free atmosphere.   Sex offenders, thieves, drug addicts, wife / husband beaters and alcoholics need NOT apply!!  If you have had issues in your past, such as several years back, please feel free to contact us to discuss the likelihood of your application being approved. 817-752-4635


QUESTION:  What restrictions do you have for RV’s and vehicles?

ANSWER:   We are more concerned with approving good people with RV’s that are in good condition instead of the year of the RV.  If your RV is over 7 years old  text  a couple of pictures to Lance Day (owner) at 817-752-4635 and he will respond.  Only 1 RV and 2 vehicles per RV space.  Overflow parking is available for a fee for a 3rd vehicle, boats, trailers, etc.


QUESTION:   How do you handle noise complaints such as loud radios, barking dogs, parties, etc.?

Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.   We investigate and address all noise complaints during the day and during quiet time as we want to keep our park comfortable and relaxing  for all our residents.

Loud, boisterous or drunken behavior is not permitted in the park and will be dealt with immediately while keeping the resident that reported the behavior confidential.


QUESTION:  Are firearms allowed on the property?

ANSWER:  You are permitted to possess firearms on the premises if you are legally able to possess them, but you cannot display them on the property.


QUESTION:  Are four-wheelers, ATVs and golf-carts allowed?

ANSWER:  Yes for transportation only.  They must stay on the roads and follow the 5 mph speed limit within the RV park.


QUESTION:  Can I receive mail at the park?

ANSWER:  Yes.  Just have mailed to your name and add your unit number after the street address. Example:   

Jon Doe / 14551 FM 730 N # (Space Number) / Azle, TX  76020


A Gated Weekly / Monthly Stay RV Park for those that appreciate a clean and safe place to live.